Friday – The non-stop activity begins

Breakfast over, Dominic, Martin’s brother–our youngest son–and I set off together to find Moores, a men’s outfitters. We were to have the final fitting of our tuxedos. Dominic and I had the original fittings in Nanaimo, a city about an hours drive south from Comox.  All the different Moores locations, in Canada and the States, wherever the tuxedoes had been first fitted, had shipped them off to Winnipeg for the wedding. Dominic’s and mine, from Nanaimo; Simon’s, from Victoria; Michael’s, (Catherine’s brother) and his father’s, from Ottawa, and Jonathan’s, from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. n610906420_1376945_49471Simon and Martin had gone to organize their’s earlier in the day. Here you see him all dolled up and looking elegant as he primps in front of the mirror at the outfitters I should have asked him what he was thinking at that moment. The walk down the aisle, perhaps.n610906420_1376948_58351 And for the fun of it here’s a shot of  Simon and him taken a short while later, divested of their tuxes, shopping for odds and ends needed for the wedding and the gathering of the clans;  a much anticipated introductory event; n610906420_1376946_5237 being  held at Martin and Catherine’s apartment later that evening.

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