Family Meets Family

The happy couple!

The happy couple!


Carol & Dominic - expertise shared!


First of many great displays!

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  • Marty with his Mom and Dad
  • The Friday evening get together had the Chochinov’s meeting the Wales’ and vice versa! All’s well, we got along famously; as I knew we would.

    Martin and Shane

    Martin and Shane

    My inability to remember names took a beating, fortunately Janet has a gift for retaining names. Anyway I take comfort in the knowledge that I’m not alone in that department. I’ve found the best way to answer this problem is with a different take on an old adage: If at first you don’t succeed, ask, ask again! Everyone got along famously from the get go, and we had a wonderful evening. Well, when you meet a ‘Lady of Laughter’ such as Catherine’s aunt Carol you have to know the party will be filled with good humor and warmth. What was so great for our family was that the four boy’s, our sons, were  in the same room and together for the first time in 8 years! Too long apart, too long!  They, of course, had a terrific time gabbing about everything that’s happened to them over those years, and there respective attitudes to the changes in their lives likes, dislikes, involvements etc., etc. They talked the proverbial hind leg off many a donkey; in other words, they had a ball. (Enough with the cliches!) To see them bonding again as though hardly any time had gone by was heartwarming; and for Janet and I to have them around us (en masse, so to speak), was a joy in itself. We certainly are blessed; they’re great guys!

    Brie, Dominic, Janet and Martin

    Brie, Dom and Marty with Mom

    Outside of David (a.k.a Luke) Mann, arriving from Los Angeles, the arrival of Janet’s brother, David Emanuel, was the corker. That he came all the way from South Africa to attend the wedding was not only a great and special pleasure for all of us, it was for Martin a knock out thrill. His Uncle had made the long trip (20 some hours altogether) to be in Winnipeg to see his nephew wed his great love.

    David, Janet & Martin
    David with his sister and nephew

    David got along beautifully with everyone, and was a wonderful addition to the Wales’ wedding party.

    David, Martha, me, Brie & Dom

    David, Martha, me, Brie & Dom

    The inability of other members of the family and dear friends to attend–distance and time keeping them away–was totally understood; but their presence, in spirit, was acknowledged by all. The evening, of course, was Friday–the Jewish Sabbath–and everyone joined in to share in the blessing ceremony performed each Friday evening before the meal. Jonathan recited the one for the wine and bread, and Catherine the one for the lighting of the Shabbat [sic] candles.   The tradition of this ceremony is thousands of years old; and it was especially moving to be celebrating it with our new extended family.

    Sarah, Catherine & Deborah

    Sara, Catherine & Deborah

    Bill, Laurie, Sophie and Michael

    Bill, Laurie, Sophie and Michael


    Catherine blessing the Shabbat candles

    All in in all it was a great evening: the wine flowed, the food was delicious; and the blending of the families was all that was hoped for. Catherine and Martin were congratulated over and over again for their first-rate planning. I certainly echo that. Although I’ve gone on about family and all it would appear that I had forgotten the many friends of the bride and groom, who were such an important part of the happy group. Shane, Martin’s friend of many years had come from Victoria to be there for his chum, as was Alex, a new friend since his arrival in Winnipeg. Catherine’s girl friend’s, Sara, Deborah and Naomi, lent their beauty, humor and assistance, (along with others not pictured here. Sorry!) in helping to put the evenings get together, together. Deborah–who is studying to be a Rabbi–flew in from New York to be with Catherine and to assist at the upcoming wedding.

    Jonathan blessing the bread & wine (Simon watches)

    Jonathan blessing the bread & wine (Simon watches)

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