The Wedding – Continued!

Mmm! Looking back at the last post I realized I had not done justice to the Wedding itself and so am adding a few more photos and further commentary on the ceremony. First, a lovely picture of the ‘Soon-to-be-Weds’; as they stood together for a moment, at the base of the Bima before parting to take their places under the chuppah–the train incident forgotten. The Rabbi’s discourse absorbed, and well noted, the next part of the ceremony began.2831605286_64017d1fe1_o1 The Bride now performed the “Circling of the Groom”. Beneath the chuppah Catherine walked a solemn seven times around Martin. This ‘Circling’ represents the new family circle between the bride and groom; creating a new space that they will share. The number seven is symbolic of the seven mariage blessings said later in the ceremony, as well as the days of the week, the six days of creation and the day of rest.  Catherine dutifully,2831605564_1b5921c215_o as the photo shows, performed the ancient walk of accord. After a few more traditional ceremonies, including a moving and amusing discourse from the Rabbi pertaining to the duties of a husband and wife–as laid down by said tradition over the centuries–the couple recited their vows to each other.2831607316_df7758796d_o4 Martin said his first and then Catherine said hers, after which came the ‘exchanging of the rings’.2831607720_7b63e22108_o3 Then . .”THE KISS”! . . . The final seal on the marriage ceremony! The joy that burst forth from the newly-weds as they hurried from the Synagogue poured over everyone, igniting us all; their radiant smiles echoed on the faces of everyone present. For some there were tears mixed with their joy, not of sorrow, but of hopeful promise for the young couple. 2830775053_3bee5364c1_oTwo families, albeit at opposite sides of a large country, were now joined by the love of their children for each other.  The promise inherent in that love shone from their smiling and tearing faces. Happines flowed all around, and with Martin and Catherine leading, the Bima witnesses hurried down to parade behind the radiant couple. Then came the excited family, friends and co-workers, everyone who had come to cheer them on. I believe that each of us felt we had been witnesses to a very special, and wondrous wedding that day.

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