There was a ripple of nerves in the wedding party as the entrance music2831604022_3e297a84b3_o was cued and the double doors of the Synagogue were opened; exposing to the participants in the procession the many family members, guests and visitors who had come to witness the couples ‘tying of the knot’. We had, as I wrote earlier, rehearsed the day before; and wanted so much for today’s ceremony to go well. First the four pole holders appeared–Martin’s brothers: Simon, Jonathan and Dominic; and Catherine’s brother, Michael–they would support the four poles of the chuppah. The chuppah, as I mentioned before, is a symbolic representation of a tent or roof, and is held over the heads of the central characters in the ceremony. The one used on this occassion was chosen by Catherine and Martin (borrowed from a wall hanging in their apartment); a large, wonderful, orange sunburst design. It was attached to the poles at its four corners, and held in place on the bimah by the pole bearers–the rest of the participants stood around the perimeter, behind the pole bearers. The best man, the maid of honour and the bridesmaids, were the first to follow the rabbi and the cantor across the back of the auditorium and down the aisle and up onto the bimah.2830769671_b29e02ff65_oNext, came Janet and I. Stationing ourselves at our designated spots in the aisle, we waited to be joined by our son. Martin, a little nervous but confident, strode down the aisle to stand between us. Lacing arms, we walked with him to the front. Giving him a great big hug we left him to await his bride, then moved on up the stairs to align ourselves at our appointed place on the left side of the stage (the Bridegroom’ side). Now it was Catherine’s turn, all eyes followed her as she moved slowly and sedately down the aisle, beautiful in her lovely bridal gown. She stepped  between her Mother and Father, and arms linked, walked with them to where Martin stood. After giving her a warm embrace they n610906420_1378338_9934mounted the stairsn610906420_1378334_85201 and stood with the others on the right side of the bimah.n610906420_1378336_9248 Martin and Catherine now–for a moment–stood side by side. Then Martin, taking his cue from Laurie and Bill’s climb, mounted the stairs to stand in front of the Rabbi and await his bride. It was now Catherine’s turn. She began her move up the steps with regal confidence, but was quite rudely brought to a halt when her long, elegant train snagged on a splinter, refusing to allow her to move forward. The Maid of Honor quickly came to the rescue, manouvered  the train loose, then helped drape a length of it over Catherine’s right arm; allowing her to continue her climb–which she did with much aplomb. When she  moved across the bimah to stand besidemy-pictures-walmart014 Martin, the Bridesmaids hurried in to arrange the trains shimmering length into a silken river, flowing behind her. The principal members of the cast were now on stage. The Rabbi assumed his position, and began a most eloquent dialogue on the duties that were incumbent on both Bride and the Groom, on their journey throughout married life. Solemn, and yet amusing he portrayed beautifully his own and everyone else’s joy at the coming union.

The Ceremony Begins.
The Ceremony Begins.
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