The Photo Shoot – Families and Wedding Party Members

The pictures from the session with the photographer are more numerous than I can put here, but all were excellent and so well staged. The women beautiful, the men handsome, the parents proud and the bride and groom elegant and composed.2830698157_b9f23c8e06_o1 What more could a photo shoot want? The mixture was superb and the outcome. . . well. . .marvelous! It seems that everyone in that large ensemble were photogenic. Not only were they high cheek-boned and lovely; they were enjoying it immensely. Black and white as the chosen 2830693417_509372d10a_o1theme colour for a wedding might strike most of us as odd; and I was no exception on that point, but the outcome? Striking! I seem to be using the word elegant a great deal, but it seems the best and most proper way to describe the choice of those tones is and can only be elegant! But the touch that brought it all together, the piece de resistance? The shades of rusts and browns, russets and yellows, plum and purples; found in the flowers, and choice of flowers. I am still a bit flabergasted when I look at these photos; they stand out so much by the quality shown in the selection of colour and design. Kudos and more to Martin and Catherine, they certainly knew what they wanted and they hit it right in the bullseye. Now what about the man in the gray suit? How right, how very right that he was included with all the black and white, what is gray but a mixture of black and white. David Emanuel, came from halfway around the 2831527404_95f7a703f7_o2world to be at his nephews wedding. Brother, Uncle and brother-in-law and now a featured player in the photo shoot. 2831530326_19bd0619ee_o1What about that pic wtih his sister Janet? A stand out, knock-out or whatever you want to call it, it’s just plain great! These pictures are such a delight, couplings, doublings, guadrupelings etc., etc., a panorama of top notch wedding pictures, capturing a wonderful and momentous moment in the lives of the Bride and Groom and a precious memory for everyone who was a part of that moment.2830696343_9b1f60b1f1_o

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