Laurie is waiting,


Brie and Dominic too.

Well, well, I find I left out a whole part of the day on Sunday, April 13th; all that happened after the morning shoot. So, and therefore, I shall go back. . . before going on to the wedding again. On arrival at the Synagogue Sunday morning for the ‘FAMILY SHOOT’, we were informed that there would be a bit a delay while the staging area was being prepared.

The happy couple!

The happy couple!

The bride and groom and those who had been in the earlier session took the opportunity now to powder their collective noses: straighten or fluff up suits and gowns; dust shoes; adjust crooked ties; re-arrange bouquets and boutonnierse, and …well…those other necessary etceteras. After the primping and gussying came the wait. People stood singly, or in groups, leaned against walls, or doorways, sank into sofas, plunked themselves on chairs, soft or hard and, for lack of other accommodation; arranged themselves on the stairs leading to the Synagogue. There was excited chatter, whispered gossipings, nervous walkings back and forth from those unable to be still; as well as much checking of watches and stretching of limbs. Everyone seemed involved in doing something; even if the something appeared to be nothing. In actual time it was not a long wait, but any delay from one point to the next seemed endless. Watching the bride and groom, you wondered how much more anxious and nervous they must be. All of us who have been there know the answer to that one.

Sarah, Deborah and Naomi with the Bride

Naomi, Deborah and Sara with the Bride


Michael, Jonathan, Martin, Dominic, Simon, Chris and Alex kneeling.

Finally, the Photo Lady sent word that all was ready. Moving with controlled haste, we made our way by stair or elevator to the Synagogue entrance foyer. ‘Mlle Photo Maestro’ had her equipment set up in the large open area the foyer provided, and group by group, large and small, she snapped session after session. The accompanying pictures, taken by that talented young woman, whose expertise orchestrated the posings, are a legacy for all of us who attended and for future generations to come. A lasting record of a truly beautiful wedding, captured by the magic of her camera.

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