EPILOGUE: The Morning After The Night Before

Arrangements  had been made, that everyone who was up to it, or still around, would meet for breakfast the following morning at – ‘The Original Pancake House’ – in The Forks, a popular Market Place.n610906420_1827169_9891 It was not expected that a large number of the last nights revelers would be there to share in, what I would call, an ‘Auld Lang Syne’ farewell, and that proved to be the case. In truth, some of the wedding visitors had already left for their various destinations; and others were no doubt packing as we, the intrepid few, gathered to breakfast with our newlywed Mr. and Mrs.Though tiredness was written on n610906420_1827171_529 almost every face the pleasure of the crazy, wonderful week was still dominant. There was a lot of horsing around and much laughter. Yet, behind the smiles and jokes, nostalgia for the days spent together coloured the edges of our little, laid back, finale to the wedding. We had broken bread together the night we first arrived, and again when we had celebrated the marriage. Now, the last remaining few from the first night were gathered together for a farewell ‘bread breaking’. n610906420_1827177_3131Okay, cutting into a pancake may not be classed the same, but there is no questioning the place food has in special moments in our lives. The symbolism of the ‘special’ place it holds in celebrations is very telling. It seems that every important event is inaugurated by the ingesting of some type of food or other. Is there a birth, a coming of age ceremony, a marriage, a funeral, a welcoming of family or friends or any great or lesser event that is not celebrated over food, a ‘breaking of bread’? This day it was to share table with Martin and Catherine, to embrace them in our love as they celebrate the first day of their marriage. It was also the day Jonathan and Martha had, earlier that morning, left for Baltimore; as had Catherine’s family–those who lived back east, in Ottawa.n610906420_1827180_4152 Uncle David had called a cab to pick him up after breakfast and take him back to to his hotel; and then to the airport, where he would board a plane to China. (Sans his eyeglasses, lost somewhere between breakfast and the hotel!). Dominic and Brie, would be flying back to Comox later that afternoon. Simon, would be off as well, his destination, Youbou. Chris also on his way, out to the West, and Luke, heading southwest, to Los Angeles. n610906420_1827185_5911So it was a celebration, of renewal and farewell. Before we parted from each other, before we said our goodbyes, n610906420_1827187_6619we decided on a stroll around the Market. It was great to look in and at the many booths and boutiques, check out the eateries, breathe in the wondrous odors from the spice and sweet vendors, the roasted this’ and frying thats’, each shop showing off its unique offerings to visitors and regular patrons alike.

It is unfortunate that we took no photos of the our last night in Winnipeg, when the new Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel treated us to a quite marvelous Italian restaurant. Our last–dare I say it again–breaking of bread, where we experienced a myriad of taste sensations: sampling each others orders; drinking fine wine; enjoying warm and loving conversation. A beautiful, and perfect end to the gourmandizing of the past week.

The following day,Tuesday, Marty and Catherine drove Janet and I on a sight seeing tour of Winnipeg to show us their favourite places: the college where Catherine taught and studied; the park, it’s promises waiting for spring and summer to arrive before the trees and flowers which adorn it would make their appearance; St. Boniface, the largest French city in Canada outside of Quebec; the building where Martin works–the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network–and other areas and sites of  the city they both love. And then. . .well. . .and then they took us to the airport where we hugged them hugely, loved them dearly, and said our farewells, eliciting promises of a visit to the West Coast as soon as they were able. It was a glorious week, and to truncate a famous quote; It was the best of times”!


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