AFTER THE WEDDING: Carrying off the Bride & Resting before the final party!

His sleek green horse blowing dust and other debris (a.k.a. exhaust) in all directions the determined tuxedo clad cowboy, (so dressed as not to attract attention), spies the beautiful filly in her frilly fal-da-rallies, stepping daintily along a sandy cement path.

Seemingly oblivious to the galloping  stallion (?), and unaware of the nature of the danger she is in, she hums sweetly to herself the lovely ditty, “Oh, no, John, no, John, no, John no!” Suddenly, the horse and rider, screech to a stop and slip in beside her.

“Heavens”! Exclaims the young filly.“What folly is this?”

“Folly, my filly?” He scoffs. “Don’t be dilly, I am he, Marty Willy, the famous filly rustler! Consider yourself rustled, my proud beauty!”

“Don’t be silly! I’m not your filly! She fumed. “This is folly! Fie!”

Ho, ho! Struggle not, fair dame….ungh!

I’m nobodies dame”! She cries, letting him have it with a solid left. “I’m a lady”!

Oh, no, my filly, now you’re being dilly, for you are no lady. . . you’re my WIFE”!

Swooning, the not so silly filly, knowing a good thing when it comes galloping her way, allows herself to be scooped into the arms of the handsome rustler, placed on the bumper seat of his horse, and together, race off into the blazing sunset.

The sunset is actually their apartment, which is, well, almost to the west, you can see it quite clearly across the way. The weary couple and their immediate wedding party take a break (apparently in a fish bowl) and prepare themselves for the finale, the terrific party ahead. Great photos, are they not?

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